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Aerobatics and Spin Training Update As of late 2020, I have not decided if I will provide stall-spin and aerobatic training in the summer of 2021 in Seattle at Boeing Field. Much will depend on how the pandemic and other details develop in the coming months. Regardless, I am no longer offering aerobatic rides. I will provide updates here as soon as new information is available. In the meantime, feel free to send email with questions.
Here’s a summary of my current services, publications, and resources for pilots.
  • Summary of my background and services
  • Link to my aviation blog, with information for pilots, flight instructors, and others interested in general aviation.
  • A link to my YouTube channel, BruceAirFlying, which includes a variety of in-cockpit videos covering aerobatics, stalls and spins, IFR flying, and other topics.
  • Link to my collection of resources for aviators
  • Information about my books:
    • Scenario-Based Training
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid